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Selection of participants for the First Round


We are delighted to announce the Preselection results of the 5th Maxence Larrieu International Competition – Nice.

We congratulate the 189 candidates from 38 countries for their participation.The preselection jury discovered highly talented, original, and creative musicians!

For those candidates who will not be invited to the first round, we encourage them to pursue their passion, and wish them every success in their future projects. For some of them, who have made a deep impression on us through their artistic personality, they will receive a Preselection Encouragement from the Preselection Jury, which will be announced tomorrow, April 23, 2024 at 8:30 pm.


Here is the list of the 67 candidates :

Ackers Mirna Netherlands
Alcántara Martínez Pablo Spain
Almeida Miguel Portugal
Altare Federico Italy
Alvin Besson Mathilde France
Avignon Gladys France
Bajc Ema Slovenia
Batty Joshua UK
Bernier Alexis Canada
Boluk Zeynep Turkey
Boras Annika Italy/Germany
Califano Laurine France
Canay Zeynep Turkey
Celeste Tomás Portugal
Chapelain Minaya France
Chernyshov Fedor Russia
Cheung Julin USA
Chłap Jan Poland
Cornu-Deyme Pierre France
Črnugelj Metka Slovenia
Daverio Iris France
Delivicheva Avigea Austria
Dupont Bouyer Camille France
Dzieciol Marta Poland
Fiorito Bianca Maria Italy
Fischer Lucie France
Gaeta Tommaso Italy
Han Heewon South Korea
Han SangEun South Korea
Huang Ziqing China
Hubert Pierre-Antoine France
Jang Yeoshin South Korea
Kim Chayeun South Korea
Kim Haeun South Korea
Kim Seohyeon South Korea
Komarova Anna Russia
Lambert-Mora Célia France
Lee Jia South Korea
Lee Judy South Korea
Liu Louis New Zealand
Lopes Madalena Portugal
Messina Lorenzo Italy
Metzger Maël France
Mieczkowski Daniel Poland
Moreau Ludivine France
Movchan Kateryna Ukraine
Nakata Akiho Japan
Orsini Emanuele Italy
Perfeito Teresa Portugal
Picard Aurélien France
Piskořová Alexandra Czech Republic
Redon Marie France
Réti Eszter Boglárka Hungary
Rocha Luana Portugal
Rodriguez Jorge Honduras
Ryoo Songyoon South Korea
Sáez Iker Spain
Sakata Yui Japan
Senica Dorotea Slovenia
Shen Melody USA
Shim Reina USA
Tallet Chloé France
Voskresenskaia Lada Russia
Wang Jiyeon South Korea
Yaman Ece Turkey
Yoon Soo Jung South Korea
Zoccola Chiara Austria


You will be able to discover the candidates selected for the First Round on our YouTube channel and on our social networks, from 12 July 2024.


Publié le 22 April 2024